Expert View: Real Estate Broker’s Sale

This text is a special collaboration of Sean Cole, real estate broker of the real estate agency Good Finance.

So, you want to sell your house? The decision seems to be very simple, right? In many cases, this is true. But, as a real estate broker I often meet people who are coming into a sales situation who are not always satisfied with the results.

Realistic selling price


My role as a real estate broker is not only to help the seller establish a realistic selling price. My mandate is to guide my clients, to prepare them for the sales process in order to help them make good decisions regarding real estate.

I engage my clients in a conversation to determine the appropriate course of action for their particular situation. Here’s an essential question that every homeowner should consider before putting his house up for sale:

What are my reasons for wanting to sell my house?


It’s not always a good decision to sell your house. Yes, I said it! I know this notion is a bit far-fetched from a person whose career is based on buying and selling houses between people.

But the interests of my customers are important to me, so we must be able to identify the reason behind the desire to put his home to sell. Selling your home should not be rushed because being a homeowner is usually not the problem. In some cases, you can achieve better results by choosing a strategy other than going through the sales process.

Situation example # 1

Imagine that you had a new family member. Perhaps a new baby or relative coming to live in your home? The house is not big enough! Still, you like the house and the area in which you live. Before you put your house up for sale, ask yourself if it would not be more advantageous to add a room and undertake renovations to enlarge and adapt your home to your new needs. In addition there are plenty of new credits for renovation in Quebec!

Situation example # 2

Or maybe you have intolerable neighbors. These problems could be solved with a constructive discussion. So try before leaving the neighborhood. Talking about it is much easier than embarking on filling boxes (and certainly less expensive!).

Do not waste your energy and time


There is no doubt that there are innumerable situations that deserve the sale of a home. In truth, an owner can apply his right of sale to his sandstone. However, try to be wise so that you do not waste your energy and time – and those of your broker – without considering all the alternatives that are right for you.

Private loans – what is worth knowing?

Are you thinking of getting a private loan? However, you do not know exactly how it is granted and is the solution worth your attention? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We are pleased to present you an article in which you will learn all the necessary information. Certainly, after reading it carefully, you will receive the answer to the questions that have arisen so far.

Private loan – a big help when in great danger

Private loan - a big help when in great danger

Private loans have for years been one of the most popular forms used by those in need. This alternative has always been used mainly because it is the cheapest option available on the market. Borrowing money from your closest friends or family is an interesting solution if the current financial situation requires a quick cash injection. Nevertheless, one should not look in this way of getting money only advantages and look at the offer of private loans through pink glasses. After all, the entire transaction, as well as each of the individual stages, if we do not properly focus on the terms of the contract, carries many dangers, both for the two parties and the entire relationship that connects them. A private loan is characterized by specific elements that are increasingly used by people with additional savings. For example, if you apply for a loan from a bank or institution that provides this type of product, it is impossible for the whole process to be carried out successfully without signing the contract. A private loan, without a written agreement between the parties, therefore poses a huge threat to the lender in particular.

In addition, nowadays, instead of relatives and relatives, people who are interested in “investing” their free funds in the borrower’s priority goals are virtual investors and individuals who can boast of free capital, which they simply intend to increase. These persons guarantee cash for a written agreement containing a reimbursement guarantee. The most common security they use is to protect their goods in the form of a promissory note or real estate.

Private loan – the simplest form for a quick cash injection

Private loan - the simplest form for a quick cash injection

Many people who apply for a bank loan are increasingly being denied. Thanks to the option guaranteed by a private loan, you do not have to worry that the lack of a successful decision in a bank or other institution is the end of your dreams of achieving your goal or paying off the debt. In the twenty-first century, on the market, you have the opportunity to find offers of private investors and para-bank institutions that will definitely present their offer to you.

The services they offer are usually also addressed to people in debt with database entries. Admittedly, private loans are associated with a high risk, but certainly, their huge plus is the public availability and simplicity of applying for an additional injection of the necessary cash at the moment.

Is the entry in the database checked when applying for a private loan?

Is the entry in the database checked when applying for a private loan?

Many customers interested in this type of service often ask this kind of question. A private loan is a form of additional cash injection in need without worrying about it being granted due to the unfavorable situation of database. It is within the reach of anyone interested, regardless of social status, gender, age, income or the presence of data in the national database registers. However, when deciding on this type of loan, you must take into account the dangers it entails before signing.

Private loans are a non-bank product which, to a large extent, is offered by individuals, online investors and companies who can boast of a sum of savings. This form allows you to increase your lender’s capital. Research shows that the granting of a private loan and interest rate pays off much more than investing your money in investment in securities or any type of bank deposit. Private loans for promissory notes or pledges, provided that you sign a meticulous agreement, are a great way to get rich for individuals.

On the other hand, the advantages for borrowers who are interested in applying for a loan are, among others: a high probability of positive consideration of the application and a chance to quickly repay their current debt.

In addition, private investors do not check database entries. The former are not authorized and do not have access to the database, while the second list is generally available, however, most people declare that they do not decide on such steps. What’s more, private loans do not require you to show your monthly income or the number of dependents and your monthly living costs.

The fact that all formalities are limited to the bare minimum is also a great help. However, it is worth paying attention to what we sign and decide to read the contract. Private loans are a great solution for people in debt, which does not change the fact that their receipt involves some risk. Before making a final decision, all pros and cons should be considered. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to contact our specialists. If you are interested in getting a private loan, check our offer and see how many amenities we have managed to prepare for you. We hope that our cooperation will ultimately prove fruitful for both sides. We have already been trusted by many satisfied users who, thanks to our help, were able to achieve their priority goals and pay off their obligations. Let us help you too!

Leasing loan – what is it?

Among the many diverse options, the solution known as the leasing loan has been growing in popularity for several years. If you are wondering what kind of product this is, how to get it, and in which situations it is possible to get it, then certainly our specially developed and detailed article can be helpful. It contains all the basic information that you should read before applying for this type of funding. We hope that the information it contains will prove to be the most advantageous way that, in retrospect, will transfer enormous benefits to your business.

Who grants leasing loans?

Who grants leasing loans?

Leasing loans are the responsibility of leasing companies, not banks, as is the case when applying for a loan. Currently, it is possible to find in the offer of many leasing companies, among which there will be both the largest and most popular ones, which to this day can boast of gathering a considerable number of users, as well as those that are just crawling on the market and their first steps can currently be admired on arena of lessors.

Research conducted by American scientists clearly shows that last year the value of leasing loans granted was close to PLN 7.4 billion, which is about 14 percent higher than it was last year (2017). Typically, this type of funding is granted for utility items, including machinery and a variety of equipment, including IT, as well as vehicles. They prevail in matters on which we can obtain a leasing loan as entrepreneurs who want to expand the business and capabilities of their company.

What is a leasing loan?

What is a leasing loan?

A lease loan is more like a loan than a popular lease. Despite the large differences, these concepts are often confused, which can be misleading and embarrassing for more than one interested person who browses individual pages and offers. At the very beginning, one should consider the aspect that the leasing loan is granted by appropriate companies and not by banks. Nevertheless, when applying for and granting it, procedures similar to those that play a role are used for the procedures carried out when evaluating leasing applications.

The process of applying for a leasing loan is not such a complicated and lengthy process. It lasts much shorter than when the person concerned intends to apply for a bank loan. What’s more, leasing companies, more and more often, turn out to be much less restrictive than banks in terms of creditworthiness.

In addition, a leasing loan can only be used to finance funds considered to be permanent. Consequently, it is not possible to receive it, for example to cover obligations. With the help of funds obtained through a leasing loan, it is not possible to renovate the building. If you intend to take such measures, bank loans are still necessary.

The difference between a traditional lease and a loan of this kind can be the duration of the contract. The most popular operating leasing in Poland, for example, has a minimum duration of nearly 40 percent of the standard depreciation period. I am talking here about a period of 2 or even 3 years, which is the minimum grant period. We are unable to circumvent this issue due to the applicable regulations. In turn, the leasing loan has no restrictions except those set by the borrower. They usually offer loans for a period of six months to even seven years.

Leasing and credit?

Leasing and credit?

Leasing loan, taking into account tax and financial aspects, remains treated in the same way as loan, not as leasing. Therefore, the items to be financed by the loan become the property of the borrower, not the leasing company. Another similarity is the way in which monthly installments are included in the costs. Considering the leasing loan, only a part of the interest included in the installment can be included as a tax cost.

In addition, VAT is not added to the leasing loan installment, while the leasing installment is always increased by 23 percent VAT. As you can see, the value of the monthly installment will be less than when paying off the lease.

Who can benefit from a leasing loan?

Who can benefit from a leasing loan?

Any company can apply for a leasing loan for the purchase of a fixed asset, if the need arises. However, there are situations in which this option may be particularly beneficial. You should consider if you are a representative: companies apply for EU subsidies, companies that do not pay VAT, farmers, as well as a company that is looking for financing a fixed asset taxed at 8 percent VAT. Then, a leasing loan will be not only a safer solution, but also a much more beneficial solution. It is also possible that the bank will not decide to finance the idea of ​​the enterprise. In such a situation, the option of applying for a leasing loan just meets the company.

Takeover credit Simulation: The detailed explanations!

The one and only monthly payment

The one and only monthly payment

The redemption of credits consists in grouping all the credits contracted in one and only monthly payment. This is called consolidation of credits or pooled credits. This helps to clarify and simplify the management of its accounts with a single depreciation schedule. Cashimogu, a service of NPN Parley Fard bank, offers this financing solution to meet the cash flow needs of households in debt, over-indebtedness or facing an exceptional situation ( divorce, unemployment, retirement, real estate purchase, travel, marriage… ). For example, does Cashimogu finance a personal loan of between 6,000 and 30,000 euros. On the website of the establishment of credits, it is possible to simulate an online purchase of credits. Go directly to the Cashimogu online simulator or follow the instructions below:

  • On the home page of the Cashimogu website, click on the “Credit consolidation” tab which shows 3 proposals on the drop-down menu ( “With mortgage credit”, “Without mortgage credit”, “How the credit pool works” ). The link ” Operation of the grouping of credits” is purely informative. It provides you with essential information on this type of financing ( “Consolidation of credits in a nutshell”, How the loan consolidation works, “The advantages of the loan consolidation”, How to subscribe to a pool of credits ” ).

Excerpt from the official website “Cashimogu”

  • Choose the loan consolidation formula that suits you by clicking on one of the two options “With mortgage credit” if you want to include in the credit pool your home loan or “Without mortgage credit” if you do not want to include it.

You reach the table entitled “Your application for a loan without commitment”.

  • Complete this table by using all of your depreciation tables to define the amount of your credits conso, possibly your current immo credits and the total remaining due.
    If you do not have a mortgage or do not want to include it in the credit pool, do not fill in the “Amount of your current home loans” field.
  • Do not forget to indicate your situation in the 1st heading “You are” : owner, tenant, housed by the family…
  • Complete the questionnaire by informing about the household’s monthly income.

Amounts given as an example. Complete the table with your own numbers.

  • Then click on “I validate” to access the following table entitled “Your personal information”.
  • Complete the fields. Fill in your phone number (s) leaving no space between the numbers. Do not forget to specify your marital status : married, cohabiting, divorced…
  • If you wish to receive advertising offers by e-mail, emanating from NPN Parley Fard, check the box “I agree to receive commercial offers…” before validating ( “I confirm my request” ).

Here is, for example, the table once completed:

Here is, for example, the table once completed:

Once your table validated ( “I confirm my request” ), you receive a confirmation of receipt of your request by the department in charge of studying your file, as follows:

A Cashimogu advisor will contact you again.

  • You will be asked to provide supporting documents.
  • An offer of consolidation of credits will be proposed to you in view of the elements of your file. If you agree, return it dated and signed.

Cashimogu will initiate, after the legal withdrawal period, the procedure of credit redemption and will refund your old credit organizations.

A warning is posted at the top of the site to avoid disastrous financial situations: ” A credit commits you and must be repaid: check your repayment capabilities before you commit. “